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Pro Bono case 152- Kiara-Marie P.

Patient’s Application: My teeth are terrible. I am a single mother and I have never had dental coverage at work. Now I am on Ei and I will never find a new career if I don’t get my teeth f

Pro Bono Case 151- Louise N.

Patient’s Application: I’m a single mother from Scotland, I have been in Canada for almost 18 years with no dental benefits. I have been to the dentist twice because paying for a dentist a

Pro Bono case 149- Lee Y.

Patient Application: Not sure if this will actually work but here goes hopefully something.. Hi my name is lee growing up with no friends really made me connect to nature and retreat backwards not bei

Pro Bono case 150- Brittany T.

Patient’s application: Hi there.. came across this online and it’s such a amazing opportunity you are giving people. I have always had high anxiety with going to the dentist . I had a bad

Pro Bono Case 146- Anne L.

My front is broken and keeps chipping off by the day.I have a couple of cavities too and my wisdom teeth are growing wrongly which makes me have random dental pains some time .I have extracted some te

Pro Bono Case 147- Gail G.

I need a root canal and cap performed on a back right bottom molar. There is an infection and the x-rays indicated the area around the roots is being ‘eaten’ away. It has been infected for

Pro bono case 145- Kyle M.

Hello, my name is kyle and my teeth are falling apart. I dont know if it was from drinking to much pop or just the neglect because it seemed the more I brush my teeth the more they break, I only make

Pro Bono Case 145- Therese S.

Patient’s Application: Hi, my name is Pegi and I’m a single mom, working 20 hours per week as a teacher, with no ability to increase my hours, and have no dental coverage. My daughter is 1

Pro Bono Case 143- Gordon R.

Patient’s Application: I am a 51-year-old male who has developed a cavity at the gumline on my left mandibular first bicuspid. My dental health has suffered over the past couple of years, as I w

Pro Bono Case 138- Tanya-Maria M.

I had a filling done in my second molar on my right hand side in Canada. (I do not know what age). While living in Korea the aches got worse and I had it replaced with a deep filling. The dentist ther

Pro Bono Case 140- Claire V.

Patient’s application; Two big cavities on the back teeth (one tooth is half gone) plus multiple small cavities.

Pro bono case 141- Anna C.

Currently experiencing consistent pain in my mouth due to years of dental hygiene neglect. The most concerning is my impacted wisdom tooth. Although I know I also have severe tooth decay in almost ev

Pro bono case 124- John W.

For the past 3 or maybe 4 years now, I have been living with three broken teeth in my head, and I have not had any money to get any dental work done. I am a senior who is on OAS and CPP which doesn

Pro bono case 111-Nicole J.

Right back bottom molar is cracked. part of the filling is gone. actually the tooth is pretty much all amalgamate. I am in need of dental work on this tooth before the gum grows over top of it. I live