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Pro Bono Dental Results

Pro bono case 125 - Michael Y.

Extensive treatment. Patient’s application; Hello I’m 44yrs old. I am missing front upper tooth and 1 other. I probably have not smiled in 8yrs, as well as covering mouth when I speak. I t

Pro bono case 103 -Belinda C.

I am 52 yr old on WSIB LTD with no dental coverage. Earlier this yr I discovered I was able to attend Algonquin College Dental Hygienist program for the public. I have had extensive cleaning of teeth

Pro bono case 126 - Sandy L.

Hi. I am beside myself to see such a program being offered finally in 2015. I cannot tell you how needed and how appreciated this program is. I am speaking on behalf of almost every person in my life,

Pro bono case 121-Steven S.

I require severe and urgent dental work on my lower teeth..what’s left of them. I have a partial lower denture with 6 and a half teeth holding it there. One tooth has deteriorated to a stump, a

Pro bono case 102- Deborah C.

I need a number of fillings.Bridge work..Filings have fallen out. I have lost three teeth(Fell Out). over the course of three years.Receding gums. Two molars broke off.

Pro bono case 120-Courtney S.

My tooth broke from eating a piece of cherry pie, this took place a year ago. I have 2 children one is eight the other is 16 months. I’m having a hard time with the pain. I’m a stay at hom

Pro bono case 107-Xue F.

Recently arrive to Canada, senior, extensive restoration and remaining roots

Pro bono case 105-Norman D.

I have some missing teeth due to serious injuries in the past. I have had temporary replacements “flippers” which have fallen out and i have not been able to afford to replace these for m

Pro bono case 119-Kelly R.

Patient currently in first trimester of pregnancy. No x-Rays taken. Patient’s application: Bottom left molar had temporary filling for a very large cavity, almost the whole tooth. Filling was te

Pro bono case 112- Sara L.

I have two wisdom teeth that need to be pulled on left side. I also need a root canal in the front near front two teeth and just before Christmas I lost the tooth right beside the root canal tooth. I

Pro bono case 116- Lee P.

Pictures of completed treatment not available I had a root canal almost 10 years ago. I was never able to afford a crown. As a result, the filling has completely fallen out. The hole in my tooth appe

Pro bono case 106- Audriena D.

AUDRIENA’S INITIAL EMAIL; Hello, I was wondering if you have found anymore sources to help with dental work. I’m in desperate need of getting work done. I’m currently 26yrs old and

Pro bono case 123-Wendy T.

I had a root canal done in 2013 and it needs to be finsihed with a crown. I also have 11 cavities. I am self-employed and am on a low income and can not afford private insurance and do not qualify fo

Pro bono case 110-Stephen G

STEPHEN’S APPLICATION;Abcess lower rh side, reacurse, upper rh molar broken big hole, lower nfront eye broken in pain, lh upper molar broke off root at gum line…..I grind my teeth break t

Pro bono case 115- Rosemary M.

Hello, I heard about you program this morning, and would like to apply. I spoke with Tracy at your office, as the application form was not functioning and she suggested that I send you this e-mail wi

Pro bono case 111-Nicole J.

Right back bottom molar is cracked. part of the filling is gone. actually the tooth is pretty much all amalgamate. I am in need of dental work on this tooth before the gum grows over top of it. I live