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Pro Bono Dental Results

Pro bono case 135- Ann D.

I had a root canal done over a year ago, but the tooth beside it has a cavity, I didnt have enough money to get but fixed so they fixed the worse one, now the other one is very bad, its making the sid

Pro Bono Case 138- Tanya-Maria M.

I had a filling done in my second molar on my right hand side in Canada. (I do not know what age). While living in Korea the aches got worse and I had it replaced with a deep filling. The dentist ther

Pro bono case 111-Nicole J.

Right back bottom molar is cracked. part of the filling is gone. actually the tooth is pretty much all amalgamate. I am in need of dental work on this tooth before the gum grows over top of it. I live

Pro Bono Case 133- Melissa M.

Good day I am writting to you in desperate need I am a single mother of 4 kids and no income. My teeth are all rotting and falling out I am in Costant pain and gord absences on a regular basis and hav

Pro bono case 125 - Michael Y.

Extensive treatment. Patient’s application; Hello I’m 44yrs old. I am missing front upper tooth and 1 other. I probably have not smiled in 8yrs, as well as covering mouth when I speak. I t

Pro bono case 110-Stephen G

STEPHEN’S APPLICATION;Abcess lower rh side, reacurse, upper rh molar broken big hole, lower nfront eye broken in pain, lh upper molar broke off root at gum line…..I grind my teeth break t

Pro bono case 123-Wendy T.

I had a root canal done in 2013 and it needs to be finsihed with a crown. I also have 11 cavities. I am self-employed and am on a low income and can not afford private insurance and do not qualify fo

Pro bono case 124- GhadamKhir F.

1) I have one molar that is broken and infected. 2) I have another molar that is broken, but not infected.’,

Pro bono case 120-Courtney S.

My tooth broke from eating a piece of cherry pie, this took place a year ago. I have 2 children one is eight the other is 16 months. I’m having a hard time with the pain. I’m a stay at hom