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Pro bono case 105-Norman D.

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I have some missing teeth due to serious injuries in the past. I have had temporary replacements “flippers” which have fallen out and i have not been able to afford to replace these for many years. The teeth on either side have started to shift into the space where the others are missing. I also have a lot of tooth decay and several cavities and some of my old fillings are broken causing pain. My income for 2013 was less than $3k (see attached 2013 CRA assessment) so i could not afford to have this work done. Given my age and financial situation, I was eligible for a dental support program last year and my x-rays are actually at your office – but this program was cancelled before i could get the required work done (other than a temporary filing that has since fallen out) . I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I have been self-employed my entire life but have run into some hard times in recent years. i have no criminal record and have attached an OPP criminal records check for reference. I live in the Ottawa region and i think i meet all the requirements of this program. I think that this is a great program and I hope you can help me. Thank you. Norman.

Patient ID Norman D.
Treatment Details Cosmetic bonding, extractions, and fixed bridge
Total Cost of Treatment $4000
Dentist Dr. Ben Fong
Laboratory Hanrahan Lab
Patient\'s Note Hello Dr. Fong, I don’t know where to start or how to tell you and your staff how grateful I am for the beautiful work you have done for me. Having led a colorful life in the blue collar trades, i.e.: Construction, Carpentry, Oil Rigs, Maximum Security, my teeth took on a ‘colorful’ appearance as well. I am also a singer-songwriter performing extensively in the musical arena where appearance can be a major factor. I have often shied away from talking to people - hiding my smile, fearing to expose chipped, cracked, decayed, broken and missing teeth. Your Pro Bono Dental program has definitely helped me give a bigger, more natural smile and more self-confidence that I feel has been lacking. I no longer place a hand over my mouth not wanting to smile or engage in conversation. My close friends have all commented on the wonderful job you`ve done and so has my girlfriend. Thank you so much Dr. Fong! Norman Doucette
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