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Pro bono case 112- Sara L.

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I have two wisdom teeth that need to be pulled on left side. I also need a root canal in the front near front two teeth and just before Christmas I lost the tooth right beside the root canal tooth. I know what my problems are because I tried to go to a dentist and my boyfriend was paying for it but we have both lost our jobs and are currently looking for new ones but the pain is so bad I am having a hard time concentrating and am getting hedaches from the same side where my wisdom teeth are. If you can I would love the help even if its just to have the wisdom teeth pulled. Thank you for your time and I understand if you can’t help me.

Patient ID Sara L.
Total Cost of Treatment $1849
Dentist Dr. Imran Baksh
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Patient\'s Note Thank you for emailing me to see how I am doing. I am a lot better then I was, that's for sure and if it wasn't for you and Dr. Baksh I don't know what I would of done. You are truly amazing dentist's and I can't believe how fortunate I have been to be helped out by the both of you. Thank you again! Sincerely, Sarah Lalonde.
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