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Pro bono case 115- Rosemary M.

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I heard about you program this morning, and would like to apply.
I spoke with Tracy at your office, as the application form was not functioning and she suggested that I send you this e-mail with everything we spoke about.

I am a single mom working part-time (minimum wage), and I have one daughter.
I am not on any medical or dental programs, and I am not on ODSP or Ontario Works.
I have lived in the Ottawa region all of my life.

I have a broken tip on my top right back molar that has caused me grief for over two years.
I have to continually clean it or else it becomes painful with abscess’ on the roof of my mouth.
The tooth is not moving, so I think all it needs is to have the filling fixed, and maybe correct the corner tip.

My daughter had to wear braces and a retainer on her bottom front teeth when she was very young as the adult teeth came in perpendicular. She stopped wearing braces at the age of nine, but two years ago, she was told by a dentist that she needed to have braces once again for her bottom teeth. He suggested Invisalign, but there has been no way that we could afford it as my coverage ended when I divorced, and because I only make minimum wage, it is impossible for me to afford this for my daughter.

I agree to the terms of taking pictures before and after.

I appreciate this welcome opportunity for people like myself and my daughter, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patient ID Rosemary M.
Treatment Details 3 root canals, 1 restoration
Dentist Dr. Keith Sotero
Website Visit Link Here
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