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Pro bono case 121-Steven S.

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I require severe and urgent dental work on my lower teeth..what’s left of them. I have a partial lower denture with 6 and a half teeth holding it there. One tooth has deteriorated to a stump, and two other teeth are very bad, I wouldn’t be surprised if all remaining 6.5 teeth need to be extracted. I also have an 8 year old full denture on top that needs attention due to movement and receding gum line, these are my original dentures I got in Montreal.

I am currently registered with 3 temp agencies for work (Excel HR, Altis Professional, and Turtle Island), but have not worked since August, and I fear my unattractive oral health has cost me work, and shortened contracts.. Since I haven’t worked in a while and have no insurance or benefits, I simply can not afford the work required to be presentable and functional. Without better oral health, I simply cannot get work and support myself. I’m stuck in limbo and require someone’s generous aid to get me out there again.

Personally, it’s cost me dearly with my last relationship leaving, disgusted with me. I”m 45 and still single and my poor oral health is a common refrain from past lovers who left……I’m tired of it, so I’ve taken it upon myself to fix this, it is my responsibility afterall, Although I can’t afford the dentistry, I started by quitting smoking cigarettes, I WAS a pack a day smoker, cigarette free now for 5 days and feeling better by the day, and determined to stay smoke free. I don’t drink and I’ve started training again, I train at Ottawa Fight and Fitness in Muay Thai. Which brings me to the next problem..eating.

I’ve been told that the extraction of my remaining teeth would require me to get metal implants to anchor the new prosthetic. Since the price tag for such a procedure could be anywhere from 10K to 12K…I’ve had to endure the teeth I have to be able to eat…and that is tenuous at best. In fact, I’m underweight and my coach says I should eat more…I’d love to, but the state of my teeth prevent me from eating some foods all together….so trying to eat more for training will be even more trying than my current status.. .

I’ve read your disclaimer and I think I qualify. I would be most willing to agree to any conditions you may have and if I can repay your generosity someday, I would repay you ten fold! I’m really at an impasse right and in great need of your help. Thank you for your consideration. Steven Ottawa, ON

Patient ID Steve S.
Treatment Details Propose treatment includes extraction, restoration, new partial denture
Dentist Dr. Keith Sotero; Dr. Ben Fong
Laboratory Cruzado
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