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Pro bono case 109-Barry F.

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Barry’s application; In March 2015 the place we were renting went up in flames. We lost everything , except the clothes on our backs. The fire was in the middle of the night, and my teeth were soaking in the bathroom. We had no insurance and the landlord is not obligated to cover any of our losses.
People have helped us out with some stuff, but it has been very difficult to try to get back on our feet.. {I am 63, my wife is 56 and my grandson is 15.]
I work part time as a school bus driver making $ 13.65 an hour. working about 20 hours a week. Supporting 3 people, I have not been able to put anything aside to replace my teeth. I can”t find anywhere that I can make payments on dentures either.
School will be done very soon and then I will be on unemployment so things will be even tighter for us.
If there is any way you can help us it would be greatly appreciated.
Barry’s final email; ” We had a house fire and lost everything. That in itself is devastating. But we got out safe and that is really the only thing that matters.
But among the “everything” was my teeth. This was something we just couldn’t afford to replace, and it’s one of the things that fall through the cracks when looking for help to get back on your feet.
A friend told me about Pro Bono Dental, and told me I had to send a letter explaining my situation. I did and got an answer immediately, explaining that they had many applications for help and may not be able to get to everyone. In this reply there was a link to their site showing what work they had been doing… These people were in serious need of so much help that my situation didn’t seem so important. I just thanked them for their time and started looking for another way.
I was very surprised when I got a call asking me to come in for a consultation, but there were no promises. Then I was given a number to call to make an appointment. And suddenly I was hearing that they would be making me a set of dentures!
Everyone I spoke to from the first email until the last fitting of my teeth were amazing, The doctors, and all the staff were
professional, friendly and very considerate. They made this whole
thing so easy and comfortable.
I am so amazed that these people are doing this JUST to help others, And so thankful that they chose to help me

Patient ID Barry F.
Treatment Details Upper and lower complete dentures
Total Cost of Treatment $2500
Dentist Cruzado Dentures
Laboratory Cruzado Dentures
Patient\'s Note completely satified
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