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Pro Bono Case 133- Melissa M.

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Good day I am writting to you in desperate need I am a single mother of 4 kids and no income. My teeth are all rotting and falling out I am in Costant pain and gord absences on a regular basis and have to try to drain them and pop them myself as I can’t afford medication. My daughter tried to start me a go fund me site to try to raise money to fix my teeth so I can be pain free and not embarrassed to smile. I have no back teeth left they have all broken a rotted down to the gum line and it is spred in to my front top teeth. I have recently been trying to care for my health eg quit smoking, better sugar free diet but it is to late for my teeth and I will never be able to affrd to fix any of them.please help me.

Patient ID Melissa M.
Treatment Details Rampant decay, broken teeth, partial dentures needed
Dentist Dr. Ben Fong
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