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Pro Bono Case 134- Dayna C.

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I have always had thin enamel/sensitive teeth. For as long as I can remember trips to the dentist have meant being told how many cavities I have. For this reason and other issues I have had with past dentists I have developed a serious dental anxiety. When I was covered under my parents insurance I went to the dentist as little as possible and only with sedation dentistry. When I was no longer covered by my parents insurance I quickly discovered how expensive this is. Because of the cost and the dental anxiety I have avoided the dentist until problems become so bad they can no longer be ignored. My last extraction and filling cleared out most of my savings and only allowed me to fix a small amount of what the dentist informed me needed to be done to all my teeth. Because I couldn’t and didn’t get all my cavities and issues dealt with I now find myself facing similar issues with no way to cover the cost. I have many cavities and my one tooth (second to last on the left) has started to fall apart and causes me excessive pain. I take painkillers and use orajel and cold packs and am still in pain. At only 26 years old, the state of my teeth and constant pain scares me and effects my self confidence. Without insurance and with my low income and lack of savings I don’t have options to fix it. Thank you.

Patient ID Dayna C.
Treatment Details Multiple extractions and restorations
Dentist Dr. Imran Baksh
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