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Pro bono case 135- Ann D.

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I had a root canal done over a year ago, but the tooth beside it has a cavity, I didnt have enough money to get but fixed so they fixed the worse one, now the other one is very bad, its making the side of my face puffy, the pain is so bad, and I have been having lots of headaches since it has gotten worse, I can see the dark spot in the tooth and the gum is pretty red around the tooth, even if I use oral jel I still have a throbbing pain in my jaw. I am a seasonal worker, I work for myself gardening and my husband is starting up his own roofing, neither one of us have insurance or dental coverage and have rent to pay and student loans and other bills, I dont know where else to go because the other dentists are so expensive and wont accept a payment plan, I can pay I just can afford a big bill all at once.

Patient ID Ann D.
Treatment Details Needs a nightguard and minor restorations
Dentist Dr. Haissam Dahan
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