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Pro Bono Case 136- Chelsey B.

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I have multiple cavities (probably 10-15), a few of the teeth don’t have much tooth left as the cavities became bigger. most of the cavities are a few years old(3-5), I was in college for the past 3 years and didn’t have the money to get them filled so they just became bigger and bigger over time. I had one filled last month, unfortunately I don’t have the money to get more than 1 done every few months. Recently they’ve became painfully, I find myself reaching for Advil often lately. I’m a hairstylist and am always up close and personally with people and find it so embarrassing for them to see my teeth, I make it a point to not move my lips as much when talking. I would be extremely grateful if I was able to get even one tooth filled from you guys!

Patient ID Chelsey B.
Treatment Details Multiple, Rampant decay, with no acute pain.
Dentist Dr. Huda Abu-Jarad
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