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Pro Bono Case 138- Tanya-Maria M.

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I had a filling done in my second molar on my right hand side in Canada. (I do not know what age). While living in Korea the aches got worse and I had it replaced with a deep filling. The dentist there said that if it got worse or damaged in the future, that I would probably need a route canal. This was done about 3 years ago. About 3 weeks ago, the deep filling fell out. Then later that day the molar on the inside closest to the front of the mouth cracked.

Also I am doubtful that this could be done, but I do or will have another unaffordable issue. When I was 16, my dentist at the time had discovered that my 2 front canine adult teeth were stuck in the roof of my mouth completely horizontal. I was given two choices at the time. One being, having surgery once and completely removing them or two, having two surgeries to bring them down into place, then having braces for at least 10 years, then having a retainer. Since my mother was working minimum wage with no benefits and my dad was working just above minimum wage, with minimal dental benefits, we obviously chose the first option. I saw a dentist 2 years ago and he said the roots of the teeth were still pretty good, but I am noticing a discolouration near the roots and am afraid that soon they will die and I will be left toothless. If I get accepted for the above, then at least, a professional dentist could verify how many years I have left for those two teeth.

I tried to upload 4 pictures, but I am not sure if I was only able to upload 1 picture.

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