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Pro bono case 145- Kyle M.

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Hello, my name is kyle and my teeth are falling apart. I dont know if it was from drinking to much pop or just the neglect because it seemed the more I brush my teeth the more they break, I only make a couple hundred dollers a week doing some messenger-Currier work on my bike to pay thebills and even riding my bike is getting hard. (but I am not on welfare,I tried it just to get the dental and my teeth are to much for them to handle) I tried to get some pulled when I can but I just cant afford it and I dont know how much longer I can live with my teeth like this im in horrible pain and cannot eat sleep or work properly anymore and the daily function and quality of life are getting worse everyday. I have no one to help or turn to and dont know what to do anymore please help me. Thank you, Kyle.

Patient ID Kyle M.
Treatment Details Extraction of molars, Root Canal
Dentist Dr. Imran Baksh
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