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Pro Bono Case 145- Therese S.

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Patient’s Application:

Hi, my name is Pegi and I’m a single mom, working 20 hours per week as a teacher, with no ability to increase my hours, and have no dental coverage. My daughter is 18 and a full time high school student.
Last weekend, my daughter damaged her lower jaw.
I paid $500.00 for an emergency visit to which I was told her four bottom teeth are “dead” and she will require root canal surgery and a special “painting” of her teeth so that they do not show the grey discoloration.
Can you help subsidise my daughter’s needed dental expenses?
I have soul custody of my daughter and make 31K per year. I do receive child support, and spousal, but I still cannot afford the amount that the dental work will cost.
I have never been on social assistance and have never asked for any subsidies in my life.
I am humbled I am sending this request, but I must try.
Thank you,

Patient ID Therese S.
Treatment Details Stabilize traumatized lower anterior teeth
Dentist Dr. Ben Fong
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