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Pro Bono case 149- Lee Y.

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Patient Application:
Not sure if this will actually work but here goes hopefully something..
Hi my name is lee growing up with no friends really made me connect to nature and retreat backwards not being able to smile kinda does that to you. I never really partied in high school I perfect Friday night was grabbing a 6 pack of coke and go fishing on the river all night. Through the addiction of fishing and Coca Cola came obviously result of having my mouth the way it does. I’ve brushed my teeth my whole life but no one warns you about what the acid can really do. Not only my teeth but health issues. Was actually killing me. The pain.. their is no more pain I’ve have just gotten used to it until now.
Having a daughter saved the sad unhappy life I was living, I don’t want anything more but to see her smile when she see’s me. But when I smile and she looks at my teeth I can go into such a depressed state. I just want to smile for my daughter. I can take it when I hear people talk about my teeth. But one day my daughter is going to bring it up. I will break.
Is such hope and gratitude that this program even exists please let me smile again. Sincerely me no smile.

Patient ID Lee Y.
Treatment Details Rampant Decay
Dentist N/A
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