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Pro Bono case 150- Brittany T.

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Patient’s application:
Hi there..

came across this online and it’s such a amazing opportunity you are giving people. I have always had high anxiety with going to the dentist . I had a bad experience while I was a child where I didn’t receive enough freezing for a cavity filling and the dentist didn’t believe that I was feeling pain and continued. from then on I never would return to the dentist only for very bad toothaches which I have had teeth pulled that I don’t believe should have been.

it wasn’t until my early 20s I realized how bad my teeth were that I actually started to take care of them bit I believe it was too late. to this day the thought of going to the dentist terrifies me.

I am a mother of 3 currently on maternity leave . my husband works full time buts we srill stuggle and honestly my children always come before me. im apersonal support worker in a long term care home . I work with people all day. my co workers..clients and their family i spend a lot of time communicating. I always walk away thinking all did was stare at my gross teeth. I even hate to say it but I tend to cover my mouth when I’m close to someone because of how embarrassed I am. over the past year my front teeth have started to gap and I’m so self conscious abut it . it’s all I can think about.
when I think about the dental work I just think I’m a lost cause and there is just so much work that needs done. I have had teeth pulled bottom and top and I also have 2 cracked teeth which I assume will need to be pulled.

enough rambling for me . this would be a life changing opportunity for me if my teeth could. be fixed .

Thank you for taking the time to read my application


Patient ID Brittany T.
Treatment Details Moderate decay
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