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Pro bono case 126 - Sandy L.

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Hi. I am beside myself to see such a program being offered finally in 2015. I cannot tell you how needed and how appreciated this program is. I am speaking on behalf of almost every person in my life, since I am part of a low income lifestyle, so are many of my friends and family.

Last year I went to CHEO as a last resort to get low income help for teeth work for my 15 year old, and was reprimanded instead for letting his teeth get so bad, the gvt dentists as well as CHEO have only offered to extract teeth without a problem I felt like a zero walking out of there, without help of course, and it is not my sons fault so I chose not to extract his teeth at such a young age. My two oldest sons are also fighting this fight for a long time now. My oldest, however, just scored a great job with benefits for him and his family, thank God, they’ll be fine.

My teeth hold quite the history. My grand daughter asked me why my teeth are so yellow, I was so hurt, she is 5 years old. I need about 3 root canals, and crowns, maybe more, also I have a maryland bridge that I hold up everyday with polident, I have 2 rotten teeth in the front of my non existent smile. I cannot and will not take pictures and am completely embarressed and it stops me from doing so much on a daily basis, at work, at home, and especially if there is going to be a camera, which is always these days. I miss events on purpose because of this. If I do get caught having to take a picture, it never fails, I have the ugliest smile in the picture, then I feel terrible every time I see it, so I avoid it all together. I have holes here and there in my teeth that food get caught in every bite I take. I have in the past given up due to pain and extracted 3 teeth. I am considering dentures and I am 47 years old only. I work 15-19 hours weekly.My last good paying job was 2009, I had to give it up due to bad osteoarthritis in my hands. Now I am a personal home support worker for a lovely client, but it certainly does not pay enough for a dentist.

My latest appointment with my dentist, last week, I walked in requesting composite veneers on my two front rotting teeth, I did my taxes and have $500.00 to put on my teeth , I explained I choose to cover these two teeth with this money, I was told, to be able to survive the summer happily, my dentist charges 300$ each veneer and insists she could do it if I pay, but that it would be money wasted because there is a cavity, an infection, and a root canal and a crown needed on these teeth , so I would be covering something that I need to repair. I was charged $166.00 for this advice and sent home to think about where to put my $500.00 on. only I lost $166.00 on a conversation on top of it. I was told if I can come back with $300.00, the root canal on only one of these two teeth could be started, $200.00 the following week to finish it, then $300.00 the week after to post and core it, then $1000.00 the following week for the crown, and I walked in with $500.00 to my name. I make $1200 a month on a good month. I asked for a long term payment plan to fix all my teeth, I would pay $100-200 a month, but I was denied of course. I am back at home now, getting nothing done after all again. I am debating on fixing one root canal if that’s all I can get for my money, but I would have to not get the post and core right away, nor the crown. I’m not sure what to do again, and I am starting to decide to put that money on my son instead, and not smile all summer again.

I would love to sit down with you and chat if anything can be done for me in your program, I don’t mind donating a small amount every month to your cause forever if it helps everyone who needs it. I have no pictures to include because I do not take any with teeth showing. I haven’t in years and years. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in any case for existing.

Patient ID Sandy L.
Treatment Details restoration, endo, extractions
Dentist Dr. Imran Baksh
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Denturist N/A
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