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Pro bono case 141- Anna C.

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Currently experiencing consistent pain in my mouth due to years of dental hygiene neglect. The most concerning is my impacted wisdom tooth. Although I know I also have severe tooth decay in almost every tooth and gum disease. I am 22 years old and instead of enjoying time with my two children and my husband I am filled with anxiety and shame for my own mistakes. I know my teeth are so far gone removing them is probably the most cost effective and appropriate option but with my families income I cannot afford to splurge on dental work for myself. I stress good dental hygiene on my kids because I don’t want them to feel how I do. I was asked by my family to apply to this wonderful program in hopes to find some help even if it would be just to remove my wisdom tooth which is causing me the most pain. I don’t deserve the help of the program for my situation only developed because of my own actions. My children are the reason I am applying because they deserve to have a mother who will be able to smile at their greatest achievements.

I have uploaded two photos and can send documentation of my household income, personal information and address, just not sure where I should be sending this information too.

Thank you for your time,

Anna C.

Treatment Details Multiple extraction; has rampant decay
Dentist Dr. Imran Baksh
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